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seeing alabama through photos
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This is a place to post your photos from around Alabama. From the Tenneessee border down to Dauphin island and eveywhere in between! (created 3-11-05)
Photos of restaurants, food from restaurants, businesses, interesting places, familiar places, unusual places, favorite places, your town, universities, scenic views, etc.
Tell us a little about your pictures (what the pic is of, where it is, when it was taken, etc) if you'd like


* Post your own photos
* No nudity
* No profanity
* If the pic is really big (say..maybe 800x800), or you are going to post more than 2 pictures, please use the lj cut feature after the second picture.
look here if you don't know how to do a cut.
* If you need something to shrink your pics to the right size, try a program called irfanview.

have fun!